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Custom Software Development

Our collective expertise covers a variety of technologies from enterprise solutions in Azure using the full Microsoft stack, to popular web frameworks like Angular and React. Whether you need a full project team or just a little part-time support in a specific technology, we can craft a team specifically to your needs. We have worked with organizations around the world, and are committed to seeing our customers succeed.

If you're unsure regarding what you need from a custom software and technology standpoint, let's chat. We'd be happy to help you identify your core needs and build a software solution unique to your organization.

Legacy Software Modernization

Technology changes, fast. As a business grows, so does the demand placed on its internal products and processes. Software that ran your organization five years ago may be burdensome or outdated today. Our development team is experienced at the complex processes of transitioning from legacy tools. We'll work with you to build a modern solution that better meets your organization's needs. From green screens to the cloud, we understand app and system modernization and would love to help your organization evolve.

Custom Theme Development

Modern web platforms provide a great way for your organization to develop an online presence without an internal IT team. Site builders like WordPress and ecommerce platforms like Shopify represent a large portion of the web. According to W3Techs, WordPress alone may account for over 40% of all websites in 2021. This is great news for small businesses who want a robust content management system that allows them to add and update their site without the need for in-house developers. However, you run the risk of looking like just another premade site. Our design and development teams are well versed in providing fully custom themes that represent your unique brand and business.

If you're in need of a unique site but want the ease and efficiency of easily-managed platforms like WordPress and Shopify, we're here to help. We'll partner with you build a custom theme and special features to set your business apart.

One of the most widely-used website platforms is a content management system (CMS) called WordPress. It is open source, meaning that the code that powers it is available for anyone, worldwide, to work on. Because of this, WordPress is open to a great deal of new features, customization of themes, and more. With a robust community of developers constantly offering new features and capabilities for WordPress, the potential for WordPress sites to evolve and grow with time is huge. As a CMS, it allows non-technical users to expand and update a site once it's up and running. You won't need a team of developers for maintenance, the easy-to-use admin portal gives your current team all the tools they need to make your site great. Getting started with WordPress is simple, and our team has the experience you need to build a unique experience and a tailored tech stack for your organization.


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Shopify is the #1 eCommerce platform for a reason. This user-friendly online store builder has the potential to propel your business into the online retail space quickly and efficiently. Much like WordPress, Shopify offers an ever-growing selection of additional features, developed by a large community of experts. It also offers a great deal of flexibility through custom themes. If you're looking to take your online store to its next level through Shopify customization, we're here to help. We'll work with you to build a fine-tuned stack of Shopify features and apps wrapped in the perfect theme for your business.


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